Video of Harvey Fletcher being interviewed by Bruce Bogert at Bell Labs (circa 1963).

This material is discussed in:

Harvey Fletcher's role in the creation of communication acoustics
J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 1996, April, Vol. 99, pp 1825--1839.

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This 28 minute video proceeds as follows (some excerpts are truncated):


  1. Introduction (00:06)
  2. Short story about coyote (00:32)
  3. Millikan and the Oil drop experiment (01:35)


  4. Acoustics (7:49)
  5. Audiometry and Alfred DuPont's desk size $5000 hearing aid (9:27)


  6. Stereo, orthotelephonic response, and phonograph (11:20)
  7. Three channel sound presentation (14:15)
  8. Three channel sound on film (18:20)


  9. The critical band theory and loudness (19:15)


  10. Musical acoustics and the inharmonic structure of a Piano (22:45)


  11. Retirement (25:54)
  12. Final words and credits (27:30)

This disk also contains some lowbandwidth version of this video coded using realaudio here