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DatePresenterPaper Abrev TitleFormatPresentation
12/17/09RiyaDau III: CMR and modulation filterbank(1999a)djvu
12/10/09AndreaPoint process models of single neuron dischargesJohnson (1996)
11/5/2009BobDelgutte III: Voiceless FricativesDelgutte+Kiang (1984)
10/29/09/ChongAI frequency importance functionsDuggirala etal (1988)
10/22/09Riya+RogerThe Auditory Masking of One Pure Tone by Another and
Its Probable Relation to the Dynamics of the Inner Ear
Wegel+Lane (1924)
10/15/09Roger+AndreaDelgutte I: VowelsDelgutte+Kiang (1984)
9/27/09Mike KramerA quantitatve model of signal processing in the auditory system; Dau & Puschell (I, II) (1996)
I, II9/27/09
9/24/09Feipeng+JontCochlear and neural modelHeinz (2009) Zliany&Bruce (2006)9/25
9/17/09Andrea+Roger+JontReview: Outer Hair Cell Motility
Ashmore.08 ΔNeed more
9/10/9/Anjali RiyaPredicting consonant confusions ...
Dubno & Levitt 81done?
9/3/9Woojae & BobSpeech recognition threshold in noise: Effects of hearing loss, frequency response, and speech materials
Van Tasell DJ & Yanz JL (1987) 
8/27/09Riya, FeipengSpeech and envelope cues
VanTasell, Soli, Kerby Widen (1987) 
8/20/09JontThe Modulation Transfer Function for Speech Intelligibility
Plos+audio, Elliot+Theunissn (2009) 
8/6/09WoojaeSpeech perception in gated noiseLee & Kewley-Port (2009) 
7/23/09Feipeng & RogerMasking release in CI speech processing
N. Li and Loizou (2009)LiLoizou09
7/16/09Riya and Woojaenew HI data analysis -
A novel signal-processing strategy for hearing-aid design: neurocompensation
Bondi et al (2004) ΔBondiEtAl04?
Cochlear macromechanics: Time domain solutions
Allen & Sondhi (1979)AllenSondhi79
6/25/09BobPhoneme restorationBaskent, Edwards (2009) Δ-
A Bio-Inspired Active Radio-Frequency Silicon Cochlea: 1) This shows why the cochlear spectrum analysis algorithm is O(N) vs. O(NlogN) in an FFT or vs. O(N2) in an analog filter bank, making it the fastest spectrum analysis algorithm known, 2) and gives the first-principles method on how to make rational discrete-transmission-lines have sharp-rolloff slopes with low group delay, similar to the biological cochlea.Sarpeshkar et al (2009) Δ-
6/11/09AnjaliInformation entropy of humpback whale songs
Suzuki, Buck, Tyack (2006) Δ-
6/4/09WoojaeRelations between frequency selectivity, temporal fine-structure processing, and speech reception in impaired hearingStrelcyk & Dau (2009) Δ-
5/27/09AllRecent concepts and challenges in hearing researchDau (2009) (ppt)-
5/20/09AbhinauvStop consonant discrimination based on human auditionSearle et al (1979)-
5/20/09RogerFactors Governing the Intelligibility of Speech Sounds (continued)French & Steinberg (1947)-
5/13/09 No meeting - final exams -
5/6/09Andrea, FeipengA pulse ribbon model of monaural phase perceptionPatterson (1987)-
4/29/09RogerFactors Governing the Intelligibility of Speech SoundsFrench & Steinberg (1947)-
4/27/09WoojaeComparison of frequency selectivity and consonant recognition among hearing-impaired and masked normal-hearing listeners.Dubno & Schaefer (1992)-
4/15/09TBDA signal-to-noise ratio model for the speech-reception threshold of the hearing impaired. J Speech Hear Res 29:146-154Plomp R (1986)-
4/8/09WoojaeCortical evoked potentials using naturally produced speech soundsTremblay et al (2003)slice Δ
4/1/09FeipengTemporal Features of Speech in the Auditory System: Normal and Dyslexic Children and an Animal ModelAbrams PhD Thesis (2008)-
3/18/09RiyaThe effects of high presentation levels on consonant feature transmissionHornsby et al (2005)-
3/11/09Riya, Abhinauv, & AnjaliConsonant confusions in patients with sensorineural hearing loss Bilger & Wang (1976)Summary Part 2 Δ
3/4/09LenSHS presentation practice (Allen & Li away at AAS 2009)--
2/25/09Woojae, Len, & MichaelANOVA analysis; SINFA--
2/18/09Riya, Abhinauv, & AnjaliConsonant confusions in patients with sensorineural hearing loss Bilger & Wang (1976)Summary Part 1 Δ
2/11/09TBDConsonant confusions in noise: a study of perceptual featuresWang & Bilger (1973), Bilger & Wang (1973)-
2/4/09Woojae & Anjali, with help from Jont & FeipengSimulating hearing impaired ears with the addition of masking noiseZurek & Delhorne (1987)-
1/27/09Woojae & Anjali, with help from Jont & FeipengSimulating hearing impaired ears with the addition of masking noiseZurek & Delhorne (1987)-
1/22/09Roger, Andrea, & JontWiener-kernel analysis of basilar-membrane responses to noise in the chinchilla cochleaRecio-Spinoso, Narayan, Ruggero (2008)-


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